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Our workers serve in high-need areas where
people face many barriers to faith, hope and love.


In communities across the region, our teams are equipped to bring
training, reconciliation, practical help, economic development
and  joyful purpose into dark, impoverished and forgotten places
joining OpSat means joining them and aiming for all of this.

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OpSat began in the late 1990s when God raised
a small team with a vision to serve their own
area with a "saturation" of faith, hope and love.

Since then, thousands have joined
our effort, leading to hundreds of
thousands of lives changed.

More information about specifics and
future plans are available to those who
join us. We are so grateful for all those
who pray for and support our work.


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Interested in investing in our work, or

getting to know us better? Our team

would love to connect with you!

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You Have Successfully Made Contact!

An OpSat Team Member Will Reach Out Soon.

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