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Finishing the Job

There's no reason why we can't finish the job Jesus left us on earth to do.

Somehow, from a faraway place and a long-ago time, despite persecutions and purges and pressures, the Good News made its way to YOU.

If the gospel were a baton being passed runner-to-runner, there's a chain of custody we could theoretically trace from you, right now, all the way back to Resurrection Sunday at Jesus' empty tomb. And now, you glance down at it - held tightly in your hand - and recognize that you were never meant to keep it to yourself.

Until Jesus comes again, your job is to keep passing it on.


I've found it helpful to divide the Great Commission task into three stages, to help quantify the task at hand. After all, if we're interested in finishing the job, we're going to need to know what that really looks like. Here's some definition:

Stage 1: Gospel Access for Every Community

Stage 2: Life-Giving Churches Thriving in Every Neighborhood

Stage 3: Personal Invitations for Every Person to Follow Jesus

Stage 4: Jesus' Love Multiplying through Every Disciple

There are other ways to break it down, of course, but this approach helps me take stock in where we stand today, as far as completing our Great Commission task.

We might even look at those four stages and imagine a sort of "progress meter" for each one - globally, nationally, or locally.

(Some communities are well on their way to Stage 3 and even seeing the transformative benefits of Stage 4, while others in more remote or restricted regions might not have achieved Stage 1.)

What stage is your neighborhood in today? How about your state or nation? And how can you participate in moving it to the next level?

As you pray for the work of OpSat in South Asia, know that work needs to be done at all stages there - and that despite amazing advances in recent years, there are still millions of people who lack access to the gospel. We must not rest until the job is done!


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