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Udama means "venture" - and this
is certainly a bold move for the 156
national missionaries and their families
who will be moving to and mobilizing
in this challenging place. Udama is
home to more than 5 million people,
99.3% of whom need the gospel!


Reaching Udama with the love and truth of Jesus

begins with a surge of 156 national missionaries who

share the gospel in over 468 villages/neighborhoods. 

Of the 5 million people who live here, only 0.7%

are potentially Christian. Our impact expectations

for this (Lord-willing) are to see more than 10,000

new followers of Jesus within the first two years

of beginning saturation activity.  

Every dollar given through the form below will help reach

Udama with the gospel - and even small gifts can have an

outsized impact.  For example, in this area, just $10 helps

a missionary travel village-to-village for a month, $30 equips

a pastoral trainer, and $400 provides a grant for a house

church to construct a building. Altogether, when gifts

received total $100,000, the saturation will begin.


Udama is in a location where both regional and national government persecution of Christians is prevalent, and the advance of the gospel

is actively resisted by local fundamentalist groups. Thus, all our public
communications regarding this district are generalized and coded.  



If more than $100,000 is contributed, extra funds will be rolled forward into the next OpSat selected district, to continue advancing God's kingdom among underserved and unreached people groups.