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The focus of our organization is to saturate South Asia with faith, hope, and love. Typically, this is accomplished through disciple-making and church planting, which then results in new believers taking positive action to transform their communities, care for vulnerable children, and initiate outreaches of hope and love to their neighbors. This network of mission-hearted churches

and mobilized disciples is also a robust platform through

which to send aid to those most in need, particularly those

in the rural areas that may not be first in line for whatever

limited government/international resources are made available.

In the COVID lockdown of 2020, we saw hundreds of our local churches step up to become centers of hope and assistance, providing life-saving food supplies to their local communities—both to believers and to non-believers. This allowed the help to flow through the hands of local believers, and not simply be “dropped in” by international aid organizations. We believe a

similar strategy is called for in this situation as well. The opportunity now, which has brought about this quick action request, is for churches to again become distribution

centers for hope to their neighborhoods.

Many among OpSat’s network of 21,000 churches and 7,000 national missionaries could be quickly mobilized to assist, an

to surge supplies where most-critically needed. Using an already-common approach developed by partner organizations to meet these kinds of needs, OpSat’s team is prepared to assemble and deliver Relief Kits through churches in the region. These kits

are assembled locally on the field, modified to meet

the particular needs of each village/neighborhood.

Each $40 Kit Includes Supplies for 4 People, and includes

items such as rice, cooking oil, lentil (or other grains),

vitamins, fever reducers, milk powder, napkins/towels,

face masks, sanitizers and disinfectants.

$40 spent on these items in America would not amount

to much, but in the economy we are serving, this money will provide up to four weeks of help for a small family. In addition 

to the physical aid, this also helps our local churches connect personally with those in need, so that they can continue to network, share resources, pray, and offer care as additional

needs arise. The Relief Kit is just the beginning of the impact

that will result over the long-term from extending Christian

love in this way, and from the relationships that are built.

In a moment of such extreme duress, this act of love is akin to

that "cup of cold water, given in Jesus name" - only it is much

more than a cup of water! Please prayerfully consider making a generous contribution, helping us saturate needy communities with faith, hope and love during this critical time.

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