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Aasha is home to 2 million people;

less than 2% have a relationship with Jesus.

This saturation project calls for the mobilization

of 245 national missionaries to begin planting

churches and making disciples in 735 villages.


- 2 million people to reach in Aasha 

- 735 churches to plant, to insure the

whole region has basic gospel access 

- 245 national missionaries to

mobilize and equip for service 

- 245 community church structures to build,

which will also serve as disciple-making hubs

that can reach out to surrounding villages  20

Master Trainers to sponsor who can equip

missionaries and pastors with T4T disciple-

making strategy  1,225 first generation T4T

disciple-making groups, with multiplication

of groups in following years 25,000 new

believers (Lord-willing, based on

previous results of similar work) 



Aasha is in a location where both regional and national government

persecution of Christians is prevalent, and the advance of the gospel

is actively resisted by local fundamentalist groups. Thus, all our public

communications regarding this district are generalized and coded.

More specific data and pictures can be made available for prayer,

mission verification, and partnership upon request.



Every gift to toward this project enables us to advance the

gospel and build the discipleship infrastructure that will serve

this district for decades to come. National missionaries will be

mobilized to begin house churches, some of which will become

"community churches" which can serve as hubs of multiplication

and service to this region for years to come.